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Is your child looking forward to a new challenge?
Is your child struggling with basic skills?
Is your child not meeting their true potential?

We are committed to working closely with your child to
ensure the greatest possible success.

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Dear Parents:

Welcome to the Learning Unlimited website!

Learning Unlimited Hawaii tutoring servicesIs your child at the top of his/her class looking forward to a new challenge? Is your child struggling with basic skills? Or is your child drifting along at grade level enjoying life but really not meeting his/her true potential?

Your child, as all successful students , needs (1) a strong background in basic academic skills (reading, writing, math etc.) and (2) to be motivated and challenged! Add self-confidence and your child will be prepared to excel and enjoy whatever he and she want to learn.

As a locally owned company, free from franchise directives, Learning Unlimited is able to personalize instruction to each student’s needs.
An integral part of our learning center philosophy, is our strong belief that parents need to consistently participate in the tutoring process. It sends a very clear message to your child that this activity is of great importance and that you are committed to his/her success. Keeping up with your child’s accomplishments, through phone calls or meetings with the tutor, is encouraged.

Learning Unlimited has done exceedingly well in 2009-2010 in helping our students get into the private school system. Out of 25 students who have, to date, informed us of the outcome of their testing saga, 23 have happily been chosen. What does this mean? It means we have been part of a team of many independent people (e.g. parents, tutors, classroom teacher, grandparents) helping children succeed! Of course, I am partial to our teachers as I witness, on a daily basis, how hard they work!

Learning is a life-long process. Let Learning Unlimited help your child develop his/her skills as well as the self-esteem and confidence to succeed in school and beyond.


Linda Moo, Founder/Educator


Happy students being tutored in HonoluluTutoring in Hawaii by Learning Unlimited