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Is your child ready for the next grade level?
Does your child enjoy learning and use effective study skills?
Is your child struggling? Could she or he be achieving more?

We can help your student prepare and succeed.

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We are committed to working closely with your child to ensure the greatest possible success.

Do you want to make sure early learning and school are going well? Do you want to try for private school admission or an ivy-league college? Do you want homework battles to end?! Whether it’s getting ready for the first day of kindergarten or making the most of the final years of high school, we provide tailored instruction to help students reach their potential.


We offer individualized instruction, evaluation and programs to students age 3 through college.


We cover all academic skills (reading, writing, math, critical thinking skills, study skills and high school subjects), kindergarten readiness, test-prep, private-school prep and more.


Caring, highly skilled teachers provide one-to-one tutoring, customized small-group classes, special educational events and more tailored just for your child and our community!


We work closely with families to provide helpful, evaluative information and progress updates, while ensuring your child has the crucial skills, confidence and motivation to excel in education and enjoy learning.


As a locally owned company with a long history of serving Hawaii’s students and families we are free from franchise directives and limitations. We are known for our expertise in education, our personalized approach, and our responsiveness to parent’s concerns and children’s needs.


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Tutoring in Hawaii by Learning Unlimited